West Coast Goalkeeping

Premier Flight Match Ball


  • 14 Panel Thermal Bonded Match Ball
  • Micro Textured Exterior Skin for balanced flight
  • Less Panels for a better flight pattern
  • Dual Bladder holds air better over time
  • All Weather Construction
  • Only Available in Size 5


The New Premier Flight Match Ball is based on the current generation of $175 + Match balls we see at elite levels throughout the world.  New Generation of balls are 'Thermal Bonded' which decreases air resistance and allows the balls to travel faster with more ability to control while shooting. 

Our 14 Panel Thermal Bonded Ball will give you the same flight characteristics and feel for a fraction of the price!  Tested by Top Pro Keepers the ball is Match Ready - however we skip the overpriced league approval and pass the savings to you! 

Exterior:  All Weather Micro Texture, 14 Panel Thermal Bonded 

Material: Bonded and coated outer shell for reduced water absorption and improved in air characteristics.

Bladder: DUAL Bladder for increased stability in flight along with increased ability to hold air means you won't need to pump as much.

Durability: Composite Exterior dramatically increases durability: 20% polyester/10% cotton/20% rubber/50% synthetic leather.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Premier flight match ball

I saw and felt what a real 150 dollar soccer ball felt and I told my self I wanted one but it was to expensive and I saw west coast had a similar feel and material so I bought one and it feels like a professional ball and with the less stitching and everything gives it a nice kick and feeling to the ball. I would totally recommend this ball. You want a professional feeling ball for a cheap price you got it right here.

Excellent ball

It truly is a 'professional' ball. This will be the only ball I ever purchase in the future.

1st Class Match-Ball

Highest Quality Ball similar to the most expensive balls on the market! The quality, durability, and look of the ball are awesome!

Great ball

Top quality ball! Aesthetically pleasing, durable. Has a good bounce and is easy on the striker. One of the best balls west coast has made!!

Best balls

My three boys have been involved in club soccer for the past 4 years. It seemed like we were going through soccer balls every 3 to 4 months because either they wouldn't hold air or they would start to tear apart. I even decided to spend a little extra money on the store-bought balls and started paying 30 to 40 and even $50 per ball. My youngest son is a keeper and we heard about West Coast from his goalkeeping coach. I decided to try a streetball and there normal soccer ball. I was amazed at the Quality and how long the ball lasted. The first ball that we purchased only lasted asked for about 7 months before it was kicked over a fence and into a swampy area that we could not reach. Our oldest ball is about a year old and still looks like it has a few years before it needs to be exchanged. I have been truly amazed with West Coast Products. I will NEVER buy another ball from the store again.