West Coast Goalkeeping




  • FP+T- Removable Finger + Thumb Protection
  • Palm- Hybrid (Roll, Flat, Expanse) with Internal Dynamic Grip
  • Latex- PINK Exclusive 4mm Pro German Supreme Grip
  • Finger Protection- Removable Finger + Thumb 
  • Wrist- Adjustable Double Elastic Wrist
  • Sizing - Medium Fit with Larger Wrist Area Coverage


Weather: All Weather Glove, Peel the plastic off, for an even better grip wash and dry prior to use! Made for Rain or Shine, any condition- with 3D honeycomb mesh to help with preventing your hand from getting to hot!

Grip: This latex is super sticky 4mm German Supreme Latex is one of the top Latex's used in the world, it will provide amazing grip and provide great feel for the ball, it works best when slightly dampened.  (the chemicals in the latex are activated).  It does also get better as you break it in, and wear it!

Palm:  A form fitting Hybrid Cut, we use a Gun/Roll/Flat Combo to provide a great fit and feel.  The glove contours the hand, without being too bulk as well as not being to small at the same time!

Wrist: Double Elastic Wrist Entry with our Brand new Ultra Wear Velcro, built to last longer and not wear out!  Glove ID Box with a spot to get your name/number or favorite thing ID'd for just $9.

Backhand: 3mm Composite water resistant backhand with ergonomically designed break points along the backhand provide maximum flexibility, while keeping the hands in a natural position when flexing and catching.  We have also added our signature Memory Foam lining to the backhand- it makes the glove more comfortable, but also helps in greatly reducing the shock on the hands when you catch!

Finger Protection:  Guardian Finger Protection System and Thumb Protection convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Finger Saves Provide excellent protection and flexes and forms to your hand for maximum protection against injury.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove! 

Fit: The Laguna Strike is designed to be a medium fitting glove.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

Really, Really reliable pair of gloves! Extremely comfortable and fashionable as well. PROFESSIONAL AS IT GETS.

Great Grip

I’ve gone through a lot of gloves, these hold up well (better than most) and are fantastic in the rain.

Best gloves I’ve had

I love them, they grip, they have finger protection and are still a decent weight!

Excellent GK gloves and even better customer service

First or second game into the season and my son's GK gloves had a piece on the back of the glove fall out. I contacted customer service, sent them a picture of the glove, and within 24 hours they already shipped the replacement gloves, which was received within 2 days. The gloves were even personalized! When we received the replacement gloves, included in the shipment was an envelope and prepaid shipping label for me to send back the defective gloves. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am not only with their product, but the company as a whole. Customer service is top notch and we will definitely be ordering WC gloves in the future.

Great gloves!

My daughter loves them! Fit her great and she loves the grip.