Zac Lubin

Zac Lubin was a discovery player that worked with West Coast while he was with the Sounders U-23 and Kitsap Pumas.  A massive goalkeeper at 6'6" - Zac has a huge wingspan and is a big presence in the goal.  Zac spent much of 2014 playing in Sweden and in 2015 in Ireland with the Airtricity Premier League before coming back to the US and signing with the USL Side Tulsa Roughnecks.  While his rookie season in the USL, Zac wears the Captains armband and is leading a young Tulsa side to some amazing results.  

Zac was an interesting keeper for gloves, initially wearing Roll Finger- but after we worked with Zac he found he actually preferred Hybrid Cut gloves- something without the stitches in the middle fingers.  Zac currently wears the KONA BioHYBRID and has BIG CAT on the wrists with Glove iD!