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Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison one of the best Goalkeeping stories in recent memories.  Scott faced Scottish giant Celtic FC less than 1 month after their victory against Barcelona.  On a cold December night, Morrison held Celtic to a 1-1 draw and earned a replay.  On Dec 12th, Arbroath FC faced Celtic in a replay - with the only difference being a wondergoal from outside that 18 yard box that moved Celtic on.  
Scott Morrison turned in one of the most amazing performances in a Pro match wearing West Coast Goalkeeping Gloves and we are proud to have him part of our family! 
Full Name: Scott Morrison
Nickname: STIG
Favourite food: sirloin steak with pepper sauce and all the trimmings.
Prematch rituals: Always the same routine when getting changed, right sock, left sock, right boot, left boot etc. and always try to be second on the park after the captain.
Favorite Keeper: Andy Goram, Scottish Legendary Goalkeeper.  A Rangers player and a brilliant lad off the park.
Advice to Kids learning to Play Keeper: Be brave and prepared to not get it right first time!  It takes practice, patience and hard work, and even then you will still learn something new and constantly improve your training, technique and game. Even at my age!
Favorite save: There has been a few I have enjoyed, but it's not always the spectacular ones that matter. It can be the important ones at the right time in a game that can win it for your team. The one I do always remember was a triple save when I was about 20, I had made a mistake and cost my team a goal, but recovered, pulled off that save and a few more and went on to have a really good game. How you react to a mistake  is crucial.
Haggis (Do you like it?): Depends what it's served with! On its own, nay, with neeps and tatties, yay indeed! 
Favourite movie:  I'm a bit of a movie nerd and love films like smokey and the bandit, die hard, shrek, top gun, snatch, pans labyrinth, the list is endless!


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