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Paul White

We are very happy to announce long time friend to West Coast - Paul White has joined our Pro-Team.  Paul is the youngest Pro-Team member we have and has already accomplished quite a bit!  Capped for the Ireland U-18 team, and having played with Cork City FC 1st team and reserves, Paul has recently joined English side Forest Green Rovers.   A towering keeper standing almost 6'5" Paul commands the goal and West Coast is proud to partner with him. (Paul wears a size 11 in case you were wondering!)

Fav Food: Chicken and pasta with tomato sauce and bacon.
Twitter: @Paulwhitegk01
Pregame Rituals:   I don't believe in anything like that. Not a superstitious guy. 
Advice to Young Keepers:    Work, work and work. Never ever think you can't learn anymore cause everyday you play, you learn something new. You have to strive for perfection every day you put on your gloves because the day you think you know it all is the day when you won't improve anymore.
Favorite Players:  David De Gea and Victor Valdes (solely because of the immaculate distribution)
Favorite thing about being a Goalkeeper:   The rush of adrenaline that flows through my body when I make a save or come and win a 50-50 ball. That feeling can't be replicated in any other walk of life.
What do you like in a glove?:  Comfort and the peace of mind that you get when you know your wearing a good glove. West Coast Goalkeeping gives me everything I look for in a glove, they grip is amazing!
Favorite Music?: Depends on what kind of day I'm having to be honest. I love every genre of music at different times. However I mostly listen to Rap/HipHop.
Best Save you ever made?:  In my opinion, I feel every save is as important as the other. Whether its a low diving save, a simple pick up save or else a worldie plucking it out of top corner, each save Is equal as they all stop the opposition from scoring which is OUR job.
Personal Motto:  A little personal motto I have to show how hard work pays off is "Dared to Dream... Now Living The Dream"


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