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Obie Clibourne

West Coast is proud to welcome its first indoor Pro Keeper, Obie Clibourne.  Obie is not only a great indoor goalkeeper, but also a great Beach soccer player!  He currently plays for Toros Mexico in Tijuana in the PASL during Winter/Spring and plays Beach Soccer in Summer months!  Obie has also been a competitive surfer for years from years of growing up on the Beach of Hawaii & Southern California!  

Currently the goalkeeper for Toros Mexico of the PASL (and Beach)
Name: Obie Clibourne
Twitter: @obieclibourne
Fav Food: Sushi and anything coconut
Fav Music: Pepper, Iration
Any Pregame Rituals?: I like to tap the top corners of the goal prior to kickoff.
What makes indoor so fun to play?: The pace of play is very fast and filled with wall-to-wall action. On average, goalkeepers will face 25+ shots.
Explain Beach Soccer to those who haven't played: It's a very acrobatic 5 a side style of soccer. Being that it's played on sand the ball takes unpredictable bounces and goals can be scored from anywhere on the field. The goalkeeper is very involved and often times scores goals.
Hobbies?: Surfing and golf
What do you like in a glove?: Comfort, style and durability
Favorite Players?: Tim Howard, Lewie Valentine
Tell us a little bit about yourself: Grew up on the beaches of Hawaii and Southern California. Live in Carlsbad with my awesome daughter Kaila, and our pug, Kona


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