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Jordan Jennings

 We are very pleased to announce Jordan Jennings as the newest member of the West Coast Pro-Team.  A Tacoma Washington native, Jordan was a standout in net for Seattle University.  He is the all-time leader in minutes played for the Seattle Sounders U23 (then Tacoma Tide).  He trained and played a match with the first team Seattle Sounders FC against Celtic (click to View Highlights).  

He is currently playing for Sydney United 58 FC in Australia, in the IGA National Premier NSW Division and kept a clean sheet in his first match played this season!

Name: Jordan Jennings

Fav Food: Beef Stroganoff

Twitter: @jordanfitnessgk

Pregame rituals: To be honest, none. I get a bit wound up and like to try to relax as much as possible. 

Advice to young keepers: Work hard and listen to your coaches....... Take it seriously, but don't take mistakes seriously,  because they happen to EVERY goalkeeper......most importantly, make sure uou are enjoying the game!! 

Favorite players: I always admired kasey kellers smoothness. I love Tim Howards command and intensity. I love how good Pepe Reina is with his feet. I admire how relaxed and loose David deGea looks in the goal.......there are qualities of every keeper I appreciate. 

What its like being an american in Australia: To be honest, its not too tough of a transistion. Australia is supposedly english influenced, but its very "Americanized" and love Americans. Aussies always have lots of questions for me!

What I like in a glove: I love good sticky grip and a tight fit. I generally like roll fingers but all depends on the glove. The Spyder-Pro's are my favorite. 

Favorite music: Gotta go with Macklemore. Love that he goes outside the box.......also look to david guetta to get me pumped for games.....and can't forget old- school Usher.

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