Glove ID

Now you can add Glove ID or Clothing Personalization right from the where you choose your Size and add each product to your cart.  

Please allow 1-2 extra Business Days for Glove ID or Personalization


STEP 1. Choosing Glove

  1. Choose your size
  2. Enter Glove ID in the box in this format: Left Hand/Right Hand
  3. Choose Print Color of Glove ID (defaults to most popular option)
  4. Hit Add to Cart


Step 2. Explaining Your Cart

  1. Glove now shows Personalization and Print Color selected in its description
  2. NOTE: No Separate Glove ID Items Show Up Here- it is part of glove price.
  3. Just check TOTAL - 1 Glove and $9 for Glove ID (or $15 per Personalization)
  4. Hit Checkout or keep shopping.

 Step 3: Checking out

  1. Enter Email/Shipping/Billing Info Like Normal
  2. On the Cart Page you will now see a ID/Personalization ICON 
  3. It will have the total of the ID and Glove Broken Down Separately
  4. You Should have 1 Glove Picture and an ID Picture for every order .
  5. NOTE: Each ID will say 900 or 1500 amount of Glove ID/Personalization - just look at Price - and match 1 glove and 1 ID together.
  6. Make sure total look right - BANG you are all set!