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Brian Rowe

LA Galaxy Goalkeeper Brian Rowe is not only a great shot-stopper but Brian is one of the best distributors of the ball out of the back in the MLS.  With the ability to make a save and get up and find the man no one sees to start the counter-attack Brian has pinpoint accuracy with his distribution.  

With 2 MLS Championship rings under his belt, in 2014 Brian began working with West Coast Goalkeeping on his own glove.  Brian wanted a unique glove that provided support in the wrist, was easier to get on and off, but still gave a great fit and feel while being very flexible.  The incredibly ergonomic Laguna Series was designed in coordination with Brian and such things as Neoprene Wrist and Tug strap were ideas Brian brought directly to the glove's design.  The Laguna Rowe-Pro is a Roll Finger glove with Neoprene Entry- and a ultra supportive wrist strap, with a Classic SoCal look to it! 

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