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A Message from our Founder-

First of all I want to thank you for your support! It's been an amazing time for West Coast Goalkeeping and we have been so thankful by the response to our gloves.  We are based on a simple premise:

Professional, Match Quality Gloves for under $50 -

The same gloves our Pro's wear, you are buying!

I also want to apologize, as we are currently out of stock in a few sizes, as always our website is always up to date with Inventory, and we are working very hard to get all gloves back in stock, as well as working with strategic partners to get them into retail locations as well.  By the end of Feb we will in stock in all of our gloves!

We vow to continue to use Giga Grip German Latex, the highest rated Grip in the world on all of our gloves, and we look forward to introducing brand new gloves in 2013! 

We will be introducing Neoprene in some gloves, a brand new cut of glove and MAX-Grip technology, which improves upon our already top of the line Giga Grip to make the grip even better and more durable.  We also will be rolling out removable Finger Save protection in all of our gloves by Spring 2013!  

We also have a lot of requests for clothing, and yes we will have Shirts, Hoodies and Hats on a limited basis- but we will continue to focus on making some pretty cool gloves!  

Also as a thank you, we would like you to have $5 off your next order, just use the code "keeper5" at checkout and save $5 off your Glove order! 


Shawn Norris
Founder, West Coast Goalkeeping

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