Many Goalkeepers have no idea what a Glove 'CUT' is! We are here to help clear this up for you!
A Glove Cut is the Palm Style in which the Latex is Cut to have unique properties for catching and will most determine how your glove fits!


This is the Signature Cut at West Coast, which took over 2 years to perfect with our Pro-Team and CEO Shawn Norris. The BioHYBRID is a Hybrid, however it is 3 Cuts combined into one: Roll Finger, Expanse/Flat, Wrap Over/Under Thumb.

The BioHybrid cut puts your hand in a pre-curved position, with the ideal position towards the top of the ball, naturally.


This cut or palm style is simply called 'Neg' short for Negative. Made famous in Germany, the stitching on the latex is sewn like a driving glove or ski glove- inside the glove as opposed to other cuts on the outside.

Negative Cut is the most Precise Fitting Palm design, great for people who want a very tight/narrow fit. It has the least amount of extra latex on the glove yet will wear faster due to how exposed the latex is.


The Hybrid Cut combines multiple cuts together.

Hybrid often fits the hand better by combining the best features of multiple palm cuts. With Hybrid cut gloves we see Gussets or pieces of material between the Palm and Backhand for added flexibility. West Coast most commonly uses Mesh to increase flexibility and increase the airflow to the hand.


Roll Finger is one of the most Traditional Cuts or Palm Styles. The Fingers are Rolled over the fingers in order to create maximum Contact with the ball.

This cut is sometimes called GUN Cut.

It also includes a Stitch in the Middle two fingers to help create the Rolled Effect. which also stops the spin of the ball during the catch.