Welcome Stefan Frei

Coming off of his 2nd MLS Cup win, Stefan Frei was ready for a change.  He had worn the same brand of gloves his entire career.  So why change?   Stefan tried our gloves in 1 training session, after just 1 training session his decision was made.  "The Grip and comfort is easily the best I have ever used" according to Stefan,  "I knew right away that I wasn't the best gear available and I had to make a change!"

Our CEO Shawn Norris and Stefan Frei sat down and discussed what Stefan wanted for the future and It was simple

1. Amazing Grip 2. Durability 3. Flexible and using the BioHYBRID Palm.   

"So many companies have moved to only Negative Cut gloves, which give far less Latex on the catch - for a much less stable catch" said Stefan.  So we had Stefan test every single pair of West Coast Gloves. 

Since Stefan is an artist and natural designer he is working on his own exclusive glove - Look for Stefan Frei's signature pro model later this year!