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For a Return/Exchange/Replacement 

West Coast proudly offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  For Details and information visit our 30 Day Guarantee click HERE.




Different cuts fit differently, since West Coast has so many different styles of gloves and Cuts- they all will not fit the same.  If you have Questions please shoot us a message.   

Also please remember if you plan to use fingersaves your gloves will fit more snugly than if they are removed.  

For more info on Sizing go to our section HERE

There are tiers of Goalkeeper Latex: Supreme Latex, Contact Foam & Giga Grip are the more durable and longer lasting tacky Grips that you can buy.  

It is generally only reserved for the most expensive gloves.  The most common is Super Soft, which does not make the cut in any of our gloves. 

Glove Companies like to give glove latex's all 'unique' high tech names to disguise what they are offering, but they are usually dressing up 1 of the 3 types of Latex. 

 Read this blog post and it will help give you some ideas about the difference in latex.


You receive Brand New Gloves.....  Don't forget to give them a Pre-wash!  This is the most important part of having new German Pro Latex Gloves.  Washing the Gloves brings the grip alive so they are ready for play. 

• Peel Plastic Film off all new Gloves
• Wash Gloves Before Use (instructions below)
• Dampen Gloves before Use
• Wash Gloves after 3-5 wearings (instructions below)
• Store Gloves in Glove Bag or Glove Envelope away from heat.



1. Immerse Gloves Completely with Warm Water (never hot)
2. Put Quarter Size Amount of Glove Wash on Each Palm
3. Work it in on the palm thoroughly, rinsing occasionally
4. Repeat if Neccessary
5. Add Same amount of Glove Wash INSIDE Glove and Water
6. Rinse until no bubbles are seen.
7. Wring Dry Removing All Excess Water
8. Hang Dry (do not put onto heat or in direct sunlight to dry)


• West Coast Goalkeeping uses 100% 4mm German Pro Match Latex for all Gloves.  Any Latex, even Pro is a naturally soft material and will show natural wear from use. 
• Latex can show signs of wear from the very first use.... relax, its normal - the latex is sticky from the top to the bottom, it will continue to be usable until you have worn all latex off the palm. 
• Latex is DESIGNED to wear, if it didn't show wear, then the palms are too 'dense or hard' and it would not be ideal for catching!  West Coast is not liable for wear and tear on a glove, as it is intended for this. 
• Contributing factors to increased wear can include: Technique (make a fist to get up off the ground), Playing Surface (Turf is much harder on gloves), Weather (summer months can be brutal), Care (Wash gloves regularly to increase life), were they dampened regularly and most importantly how often you play and train.
• Caring for your gloves and protecting the palms will greatly increase life, but sometimes unlucky Cuts, Dings, Knicks can be picked up from the turf or ground and are just a part of the game.  The latex is still sticky and still usable.
• Negative Cut gloves will often wear faster due to the exposed finger design of the glove and their more snug nature compared to other cuts.
• How many pairs per season?  The average Select/Premier keeper will usually go through 2-5 pairs per Year, while a Pro will go through 20-50, it all comes down to how often and what level you play along with how you treat the gloves.  
• It is smart to have a Game pair and Practice pair - to be able to rotate, it will lessen the strain on a single pair and also provide backup in emergency.



Please allow 1-2 Business Days for us to handle and prepare your order.  Please add an additional 1-3 days for any personalized item


USPS Priority 1-3 day with tracking $6.95 USD for up to 2 pairs of gloves.UPS Overnight $45.00 up to 2 pairs Email us @ contact@westcoastgoalkeeping.com, (No Sat/Sun Delivery or Glove ID)


• First Class USPS Shipping $11.95 for up to 2 pairs of gloves (estimated 14-21 business days)
• USPS Priority Mail is $25 up to 2 pairs of gloves. (estimated 7-14 business days)
• DHL Express - calculated upon destination (est. 2-5 days)Customer is responsible for any duties, tariffs, taxes, and customs costs associated  with package retrieval once the package has been shipped outside of the standard package shipping fee. 

Please Note: It is the customers responsibility to make sure the address is correct and the location being shipped to is safe and secure. West Coast Goalkeeping is not responsible for stolen or mis-delivered packages once it reaches your location.

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30 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, less shipping and handling.

• We want to make sure you select the right glove!   If you are unhappy for any reason, return it to West Coast within 30 days for a full refund!
• Gear may be Used or Practices or Simply Tested for fit, tried on, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - less shipping & handling
• Customer is responsible for shipping Gloves back to West Coast Goalkeeping. 
• 30 Day Warranty applies to All West Coast Products.
• Offer Good only on Gloves purchased directly from WestCoastGoalkeeping.com 
• West Coast must receive returned Products within 10 days of filing a return
• Not available on Glove or Clothing ID Personalization.
Not available on Last Chance Models or Grab Bag.  30 Day Guarantee is non transferable.
• Refunds will be processed within 72 hours of receipt of return.
• Any Products past 30 Days of order are not eligible for return or exchange.  


Yes! Every Single Glove is a Pro Glove, many of the West Coast Pro's help with the development and feedback of all of our gloves! When a Pro gets a glove shipment from us, it is pulled directly from the same shelves and inventory that all customer orders come from!

We believe firmly in a Great Product at a Great Price, we know goalkeeping can be expensive with club fees and needing new gloves - our mission has always been to provide the absolutely best product at a price anyone can afford!

There are many types of gloves (however West Coast only makes Pro Gloves):  Pro, Practice, Replica -  all vary in the thickness and gripping properties of the latex, the quality of materials used, craftsmanship and the features of the glove.    We started West Coast with the belief that we could provide Match Gloves at Replica prices, the gloves you buy from us are identical to the Pro Match gloves worn in the MLS, FA Cup, Irish Airtricity League, SPL, Npower League, NWSL ...... (the list goes on and on). 


Yes, we work with select retail partners who see the vision West Coast has for the customer.  If your current Soccer Store doesn't sell West Coast, just let us know and we will reach out!


One of the most common questions we get- can you sponsor me?

We spend a tremendous amount of time researching which keepers we would like to have as part of our Pro-team to wear our brand.  

We then spend a lot of time with them performing tests and refining our gloves.  We only work with 1st Team Professional Keepers in Top Notch leagues!  

West Coast works with some of the largest clubs and academies and retailers in North America, for opportunities please email kim@westcoastgoalkeeping.com 

For Club Partnership opportunities contact us at Contact@WestCoastGoalkeeping.com we have a great program.  For Individual Discounts we have a Spin For Discount program which is fun.  We do not allow combining of discounts in any capacity. 


We are Headquartered just outside of Seattle, Washington USA, with offices in Glasgow.  (We do not allow local pickup of gloves as we have several warehouses). 

One of the reasons we strive to have Pro goalkeepers playing with our gloves in different areas throughout the world, is we are able to get unique feedback on all types of weather and field conditions.  

From the dryness of Australia, the Rains of Ireland, the well used Pitches of UK, winds of Scotland, Sun of Spain and the Turf in the US we are able to design our gloves to withstand a variety of conditions.  That's why our standard grip is Pro 4mm German Latex ( Supreme, Contact, or Ultimate Latex)!