Negative Cut Gloves

With this glove the stitching is inside the glove instead of on the outside, providing a more secure and snug feel.  Designed in Germany and widely used in Europe it is idea for the keeper that likes a very close fit to their glove.  It is also ideal for someone with narrow hands and is also an ideal choice in poor weather.


Raptor Typhoon $85.95 USD
Phantom Tealhiti $85.95 USD
AERO Turner $85.95 USD
Phantom Platinum $85.95 USD
AERO Gamma $85.95 USD
AERO Alpha $85.95 USD
Quantum EXO Toxic $79.95 USD
AERO Bravo $85.95 USD
Phantom Destroyer $85.95 USD
Phantom AKALA $85.95 USD
Phantom ATLAS $85.95 USD
Fusion Alki $69.95 USD $85.95 USD
Phantom Sheridan Pro Model $69.95 USD $85.95 USD
Fusion Evolution $79.95 USD $85.95 USD