Helix Honor

We have been testing the Helix series for almost 10 months before we released it, our goal is to have an ultra flexible glove, that provides more wrist support and is incredibly comfortable, it would have all new latex on it.  That latex is even higher quality pro latex than we have ever used - our brand new Supreme + Grip. 

The new wider wrist strap hides an extended palm to help with control of the ball and playing out of the back, we are confident you will love it!

Then we had to work to make it look good, and we are incredibly excited about the Helix Honor.  Shades of Pink, trimmed by white - highlighted with Heather Grey Backhand, making it understated but incredibly classy looking.  

The Helix Honor was made to HONOR all of those Breast Cancer Survivors and those amazing ones, who fought so bravely but succumb to the terrible illness.  Our team would like to especially honor our close friend Carmen Duppenthaler - who we miss so much and will not be forgotten.