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We want to take a minute and review one of the most common things keepers aren't as familiar with as they should be-- the latex or material that does the catching!

When we build a glove at West Coast we start with the palm, we search for the absolute best latex in the world, we work with only 1 company - based in Germany and we source our products Factory Direct.  Many times the latex is made specifically for us.  

When we ask the latex factory in Germany for latex we have 1 simple demand.  We want the BEST!   Seriously, we want the absolute Best, Highest Quality, Most Amazing Latex you can make - end of story.  We want it to be sticky, be durable and be all-weather.... it is an incredible ask of them!  Now you think everyone would ask this, but there is a reason they don't, Price!  It simply costs more, so almost every other company takes lesser quality latex, and they will give it a fancy name to make it sound impressive or expensive, but the fact is - if its not 4mm German All-Weather, Artificial Turf Approved, Supreme or Contact Latex - it isn't Pro Quality Grip. 

Once we get the latex, we then test it!  Our Pro's take anywhere from 6 to 15 months testing new latex, and not every latex passes the test.  From there if we like it, we start designing with it and building it.  If it is colored latex, we work a design around it, based on its color.  

In the Market today only around 2-3% of all Goalkeeper Gloves are Contact or Supreme German Latex, the rest are all of lower quality, and of those that are Contact or Supreme - they are usually $120 to $180!  

We are proud to be the Largest Dedicated Goalkeeper Brand in North America and its because of our dedication to Quality Materials and Dedicated Full Time Goalkeeping Specialists who are here to serve you!

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