Welcome HI-VIZ TruFlight Match Ball

Our newest ball has arrived, not only does the new TruFlight Match Ball come in HI-VIZ color along with a new design, we have dramatically improved the internal bladder to better hold air, so you don't have to pump it up as much.  Combined with better balance and just a touch softer- we are very happy with the improvements on this match ball.   

This ball has a match ball feel and touch, this is not the cheap $20 sporting goods store ball.  If you are looking for a spongy, squishy ball, this isn't it- but if you are looking for a match ball, with the feel and touch of the $150 ball this is the ball.  We have taken everything we loved from the highest match balls in the world and combined them into our TruFlight line and with the HI-VIZ we have continued to improve it!