The Fusion EVO

We want to welcome the Fusion EVO's to the West Coast Lineup!  The Fusion EVO comes in Roll Finger and Reverse/Negative Cut.  This is the first time we have launched both options at the same time.  A Reverse/Negative Cut is a glove that is designed to be a more close fitting glove with less material, much like a driving glove.  It is ideal for people that really want to feel the ball, or people that have narrow palms.  The Roll Finger (or gun cut because the fingers look like the barrel of a gun), is a bit larger - but designed to put more latex on the ball during the catching process.  Both are great cuts and provide something unique in their own right.  

This glove is a brand new glove, completely redesigned from the ground up.  Almost 1 year ago we launched the Fusion 2, which was a quality glove- however we really wanted to improve on that.  The Fusion glove is designed to be our maximum flexibility line, Fusing elements of some of the greatest glove designs all into one. 

With this glove we have 1. Increased Flexibility 2. Made a softer more durable backhand 3. Added a small Micro Extended Palm to help with catching and throwing 4. Strengthened the wrist strap and velcro 5. Vastly improved the quality of the Latex on the glove.

Cosmos GK Jimmy Maurer and Indy Eleven GK's Jon Dawson & Nathan Sprenkel worked on the testing and finalizing this glove, along with 2 lucky fans who were selected! 

The Fusion EVO will be available in 2 additional colors by early 2015 along with new latex's also.  We are confident you will love it as much as we do and our Pro's!

This isn't a glove for someone who wants subtle - as some of you have said.. it's not a glove, its a work of art!