West Coast KONA Blackout Edition

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West Coast Goalkeeping

KONA Blackout Crimson

$75.00 USD


  • FP- Removable FINGERSAVES
  • PALM - Hybrid (Roll/Flat/Expanse) 3 in 1 Palm Cut
  • LATEX- 4mm Pro Black German Supreme All Weather Palm
  • WRIST- Latex Wide Single Wrist Strap
  • BACKHAND - Ultra Durable Composite
  • FIT - Medium to Larger Fitting Glove

The Best Selling Blackout Glove in America now with Crimson 4mm German Supreme Latex for a limited time! 

Weather: This All-Weather German Supreme Latex offers incredible durability and provides a great glove in most any condition, peel the plastic and play or give a pre-wash for an even better grip!    

Grip: 4mm Red German Supreme Latex for a limited time! It is highly recommended to Pre-wet for best grip possible, wetting the Supreme Latex will activate the chemicals in the Latex as well as decrease the wear on the glove.

CUT:  BioHYBRID- This Cut Combines Wrap Over/Under Thumb for light feel and increased flexibility along with a Roll Index (with V notch for improved flexibility) and pinky, with a MAX Middle and Ring Finger. The Combination of Cuts was developed over 18 months with over half of the West Coast Pro-Team Keepers testing and providing feedback.  The cut is designed is designed to contour to your hand with a enhanced pre-curve, making this the first cut of its type from a North American Glove Company!

Wrist: Latex Wrist strap with double Velcro for added security provide a snug and close fitting enclosure along with an extra large Glove iD box.

Backhand: 3mm Composite German Latex with Four Flexibility points in the backhand to allow full motion of the hand, along with a thin lining of Comfort Foam to give the maximum amount of comfort in any glove.  STRIKE GUARD punching zone was designed by capturing Slo-Mo video footage of Keepers to examine exactly where Punching Support was needed, we then placed the STRIKE GUARD punching zone in the exact location where over 95% of keepers punch the ball, providing additional support and flexibility to that area.

Finger Protection:  Pro Keepers wears fingersaves in his gloves during matches and swears by the West Coast Guardian Finger Protection System.  This glove includes finger (not thumb) saves with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Finger Saves Provide excellent protection and flexes and forms to your hand for maximum protection against injury.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove! Thumb saves are not available on this glove.

Fit: The KONA: BioHYBRID Crimson is designed to be a wider fitting to larger glove with added room in the fingers. 

Customer Reviews

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Another great glove

The best gloves ever

I have played in freezing cold temperatures, 75 degree games and normal weather for the season that I’m in right now and these gloves have felt amazing. They kept my hands warm when it was cold and they kept my hands from excessively sweating in the heat. The only two issues I have had with these gloves are that they don’t dry very well which might just be because I use them two to three times a day and like my gloves to feel wet to the touch while I am playing and training. The other issue I had was that the palm ripped a little in one of my gloves but I think it is because of the way I put my gloves on because all of the other keepers I train with who ware these don’t have that issue. Thank you west coast for making amazing gloves at affordable prices.

Great Quality & Durable

My son loves these gloves. We have just purchased a second pair for this season. WCGK are top quality and great customer service.

My son loves these gloves. He just won his second tournament wearing them. Highly recommend.

These gloves are my new favorite glove. The red crimson latex is tacky and durable. We generally rotate glove use to extend wear. We currently have 6 pair but my son has repeatedly gone to the Kona Blackout Crimson as his choice for tournament play. I bought them because they are similar colors to his GK uniform. He wears them because he trusts them when he needs them most.

Love them

Love them.