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West Coast Goalkeeping


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  • FP- Removable FINGER+ THUMB Protection
  • INTERNAL GRIP- Internal Silicone Palm secures hand in place
  • PALM - BioHybrid (Roll/Flat/Expanse) 3 in 1 Palm Cut
  • LATEX- 4mm Pro German Supreme All Weather Palm
  • WRIST- XTEND Wrist ™ 
  • BACKHAND - Ultra Lightweight Flex-Dry Backhand
  • FIT - Incredibly Flexible and Lightweight


    Grip: Pro German 4mm Supreme Latex.  Very Sticky (make sure to wash after 2-4 wearings as you can't see dirt on black palms).  Dampen Palms for best grip. Wetting the Supreme Latex will activate the chemicals in the Latex as well as decrease the wear on the glove.

    CUT:  BioHybrid with new XTEND WRIST ™ - built in Extended Palm into the wrist strap.   3-1 Cut with wider catching area and a pre-curve in order to keep you on top of your catch. 

    Wrist:Secure Hybrid Wrist, with Latex - Elastic Wrist Strap with Glove ID Box for Name Personalization.  XTEND Wrist ™ with built in Extended Palm Latex for increased control and grip.  Easy on and Easy off with the EXO-SKIN Design (this glove is an EXO-SKIN Hybrid combing both EXO & Traditional Gloves together. 

    Backhand:  Composite Hybrid Combo with Lightweight Material and Composite material for durability and flexibility. 

    Finger Protection:  This glove includes finger + thumb saves with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Finger Saves Provide excellent protection and flexes and forms to your hand for maximum protection against injury.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove! 

    Fit:The EXO-SKIN HELIX is designed to be a Medium Fitting glove that will open up half a size if the finger saves are removed. 

    Remember to Dampen gloves for increased grip and decreased wear. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Fantastic Grip and Snug Fit

    West Coast Goalkeeping has hit it out of the park again with the new EXO-Skin Helix! This glove combines the fit/enclosure of the EXO-Skin model with the palm/finger cut of the Kona Model gloves! Absolutely awesome feel around your fingers and wrist. The extended, seamless and one-piece enclosure is easy to get your hand into, but still snug. The mesh backhand is breathable and comfortable, while the wrist strap creates an extended palm surface! Hopefully, down the road they will release the same colorway, but with a white palm. Top-quality again!