VYPER Volt Kopmeyer Pro

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VYPER Volt Kopmeyer Pro

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  • FP- Removable FINGERSAVES
  • INTERNAL GRIP- Internal Silicone Palm secures hand in place
  • PALM - Hybrid (Roll/Flat/Expanse) 3 in 1 Palm Cut
  • LATEX- 4mm Pro German Supreme All Weather Palm
  • WRIST- Latex Wrist with Extended Palm
  • BACKHAND - SuperSoft Latex Backhand 
  • FIT - Medium Fitting Glove 


Designed by Haley Kopmeyer, Goalkeeper of the NWSL.  Also worn by San Jose Earthquakes Goalkeeper Matt Bersano, the Vyper Volt is designed for every keeper!

The Vyper Volt features Extended Palm, German Pro Supreme Latex and Internal Dynamic Grip (uses your own hands heat to minimize movement while on your hand).

Weather: This is an All-Weather glove, we recommend a pre-wash following peeling of the plastic protective covering for maximum grip.  This glove must be dampened to be used to avoid excessive wear.

Grip: 4mm Black German All-Weather Supreme Latex is great in any condition, rain or shine.  The 4mm Black German All-Weather Supreme Latex is protected by a Plastic Coating that will need to be peeled and pre-washed prior to using.  Features Internal Dynamic Grip, which has micro silicone gel to use your hands heat to minimize glove movement.

Design: Micro-Mesh for added comfort, this glove comes with our most popular cut the BioHYBRID.  BioHYBRID is 3 cuts in 1 - Roll/Max/Flat all wrapped together to make our most advanced palm.  Extended Palm is 

Wrist: Featuring Extended Palm for increased control.

Backhand: 3mm Super Soft Latex Backhand with Memory Foam lining in backhand.  This glove is especially comfy if you choose to remove the Fingersaves, it will feel like a pillow on your hands!  Three piece backhand for increased flexibility.  

Finger Protection: Guardian Finger Saves (Thumb Saves not included but can be added in accessories) with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove! 

Sizing & Fit: This glove will fit true to size, and should be ordered accordingly.  

Customer Reviews

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VYPER Volt Kopmeyer Pro


Awesome pair. My child was excited to use them, loved the grip and fit. She really loved the club name and number on the glove. Simple to do but stands out against the rest.

Quality Gloves that last.

Price-performance is outstanding.

This is the second pair of WCGK gloves that I have owned, the first being the KONA Blackout. I have only played in them once in a pickup game on turf, and they did very well. Great fit and grip, plus they are bright and stand out which is what I was looking for.

The KONA gloves that I previously have lasted an entire season where I was playing pick-up twice a week and then two league games on the weekends. There is a tear in the latex on the palm now because I let somebody use mine while injured and they dove and landed in dirt palms down. I see no difference in this quality of latex, and believe that pre-wash and cleaning after use will keep the gloves going for a long time.

Great Service, great product

My daughter (12) got a pair of West Coast gloves at a keeper camp last year and they instantly became her favorite pair. By the end of December they were ready to become practice gloves, but since they were custom for the camp it wasn't clear what style they were. So I took her to the office so she could try on different styles of gloves (email them to make an appointment if you want to do this). The woman who helped her was very knowledgeable and spent an hour one on one with my daughter to help her find the glove that best suited her. I can't say enough about the customer service, and she loves the gloves!


VYPER Volt Kopmeyer Pro