West Coast Goalkeeping Spyder X RUSH

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West Coast Goalkeeping


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  • FP+T - Removable FINGER+ THUMB Protection
  • INTERNAL GRIP- Internal Silicone Palm secures hand in place
  • LATEX - Turf Approved German Krypto Contact Grip
  • PALM - Hybrid (Roll/Flat/Expanse) 3 in 1 Palm Cut
  • WRIST- Adjustable Single Elastic Wrist Strap
  • BACKHAND - Ultra Lightweight Flex-Dry Backhand
  • FIT - Precise to Snug Fitting Glove


Weather: This glove is an All-Weather glove- this latex must be damp for best results (keep a water bottle with you on a dry day), it performs best when slightly damp.  It is made for Wet and Dry conditions, however remember to wet it in order to activate the chemicals on the latex. 

Grip:  This glove features 4mm All-Weather German Krypto Contact Latex. It is excellent in any condition and will require slight wetting of the glove in dry conditions for optimal performance.  The inside of the glove has Dynamic Grip, which when warm adheres to your hand to help prevent the glove from moving or shifting.

Design:  This Glove is a Hybrid cut, featuring Roll Finger Index and Pinky Fingers with Flat middle fingers.  The Glove is designed to sit higher on the wrist while having a disconnected thumb for maximum flexibility.   Spyder X has a large percentage of the backhand with Mesh in key places for increased flexibility making this One of our Most flexible gloves we have ever created!  

Wrist: Latex wrist strap with double velcro, with Glove ID box to allow you to add Glove Personalization.

Backhand: 3mm Composite any weather backhand with flexibility break points throughout the backhand, also large areas of mesh to create a very lightweight feel to the glove.

Finger Protection: Featuring Guardian Finger and Thumb Protection with a removable pocket to take them out if you do not need them!  

Fit:The Spyder X is a snugger fitting glove.  It surrounds the hand while providing increased flexibility due to the Mesh in key areas of the backhand. 

Customer Reviews

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Great customer service and feedback

The customer service and help that was provided for every question I asked was wonderful. Very pleased with how quickly my order was shipped as well.

Love these!

Great fit, great performance my daughter loves all the spyder line!


These gloves are amazing they make catching so much easier! There material is great they don’t rip for a while and when they do they still do their job just as well. I love them and would recommend them to any goalie!

What a relief

A a keeper parent, I have purchased many gloves over the years. We have hunted all over and now have found the gloves for our daughter. The sizing process is spot on and at these affordable prices we will always have a backup pair in the bag. Thanks for such a great glove at a good price.

Spyder X Rush

Best westcoast gloves ive used! Fits decently close to the hand and the internal grip actually works! Durability is decent as long as your not using palms to push up off the ground.