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  • FP-T - Removable FINGERSAVES and Thumbsaves
  • TURF - Ultra Durable Turf Approved German Pro Supreme Grip
  • PALM - Hybrid (Roll and Negative Combo) Palm with Extended Palm
  • LATEX- 4mm Pro German Supreme All Weather Palm
  • WRIST- Single Latex Wrist Strap
  • BACKHAND - Composite Ultra Durable Backhand


OVERVIEW- The Fusion EVO Katana is a Precise fitting glove that features a durable German Contact Supreme Latex that is great in all conditions.  Highlighted by Extended Palm, Removable Finger & Thumb Protection and built to last!

Weather: All-Weather 4mm German built for any condition.  The latex will actually get better as you wear the gloves.  Good for sun or light rain.  Also best to wet the latex lightly prior to use.

Grip: Ultra Durable 4MM German Turf Approved All-Weather Supreme Latex.  An incredibly Durable palm built for any condition and made for using Turf or Grass. 

Design: Hybrid Design consisting of Negative and Roll combined together to give a precise fit, for the keeper that wants close but not snug fit.  This glove will provide a large amount of surface area for catching.

Wrist: Extended Palm for increased control.  Extended palm helps with playing out of the back, throwing, bowling, covering the ball and is a great overall versatile feature. 

Backhand: Composite All-Weather Backhand is durable and provides flexibility in any condition. Built in Memory Foam Lining to help absorb Hard Shots.

Finger Protection: Removable Finger and Thumb Protection is Included

Customer Reviews

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7-Year Old Goalkeeper Approved!

Ordered the grab-bag for my daughter to get her an awesome pair of gloves, and she ended up with a more yellow-green pair of these that matched her goalie shirt perfectly. they have been great gloves, and I think they both take some of the concern away (the smaller, lighter, cheaper gloves always feel a bit flimsier), as well as give her just a little bit more confidence to go for the ball. She loves them, they have been catching great for her, and we will definitely be sticking with West Coast for any future goalie needs. Great customer service, great product!

Great gloves at a great price

So, I wanted to wait until I played a couple of games before I wrote my review. Here's what I've found, after 5 games:
Gloves out of the package looked great, well built, nice stitching, no corners cut in the fabrication.
Pre-washing the gloves definitely made a huge difference in the grip.
Finger save is definitely a plus, and the ability to remove them is convenient.
After 5 games, and the first wash, no nicks or cuts on the foam. Gloves look great. 3 games were on turf, and 2 on grass.
I would definitely recommend them

Best gloves worn in years

Best gloves worn in years! I played in college years ago and now play 1 - 2 times a week in over 40 league. I love the tighter fit of this glove and the durability has been great. These gloves replaced a pair of Adidas gloves that cost me over $125. I will never switch back.

Fusion Evo

Great as always


Quality gloves from a quality shop. Highly recommend these gloves.