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Glove Care


You receive Brand New Gloves.....  Don't forget to give them a Pre-wash!  This is the most important part of having new German Pro Latex Gloves.  Washing the Gloves brings the grip alive so they are ready for play. 

  • Peel Plastic Film off all new Gloves
  • Wash Gloves Before Use (instructions below)
  • Dampen Gloves before Use
  • Wash Gloves after 3-5 wearings (instructions below)
  • Store Gloves in Glove Bag or Glove Envelope away from heat.


      1. Immerse Gloves Completely with Warm Water (never hot)
      2. Put Quarter Size Amount of Glove Wash on Each Palm
      3. Work it in on the palm thoroughly, rinsing occasionally 
      4. Repeat if Neccessary
      5. Add Same amount of Glove Wash INSIDE Glove and Water
      6. Rinse until no bubbles are seen.
      7. Wring Dry Removing All Excess Water
      8. Hang Dry (do not put onto heat or in direct sunlight to dry)

      Click below to watch our glove wash video on how to care for your gloves!


          • Most Soaps contain Moisturizers which can harm gloves, West Coast Glove Soap is designed specifically for Gloves
          • Sweat & Dirt Break down your gloves, without cleaning them they won't last as long
          • Washing your gloves restores the grip, bringing back the grip
          • Washing your gloves softens them and makes them more comfortable
          • Dude the Smell... No one wants funky Gloves!


          GLOVE WEAR

          • West Coast Goalkeeping uses 100% 4mm German Pro Match Latex for all Gloves.  Any Latex, even Pro is a naturally soft material and will show natural wear from use.  
          • Latex can show signs of wear from the very first use.... relax, its normal - the latex is sticky from the top to the bottom, it will continue to be usable until you have worn all latex off the palm. 
          • Latex is DESIGNED to wear, if it didn't show wear, then the palms are too 'dense or hard' and it would not be ideal for catching!  West Coast is not liable for wear and tear on a glove, as it is intended for this. 
          • Contributing factors to increased wear can include: Technique (make a fist to get up off the ground), Playing Surface (Turf is much harder on gloves), Weather (summer months can be brutal), Care (Wash gloves regularly to increase life), were they dampened regularly and most importantly how often you play and train.
          • Caring for your gloves and protecting the palms will greatly increase life, but sometimes unlucky Cuts, Dings, Knicks can be picked up from the turf or ground and are just a part of the game.  The latex is still sticky and still usable.
          • Negative Cut gloves will often wear faster due to the exposed finger design of the glove and their more snug nature compared to other cuts.
          • How many pairs per season?  The average Select/Premier keeper will usually go through 2-5 pairs per Year, while a Pro will go through 20-50, it all comes down to how often and what level you play along with how you treat the gloves.  
          • It is smart to have a Game pair and Practice pair - to be able to rotate, it will lessen the strain on a single pair and also provide backup in emergency.


            30 Day Guarantee

            30 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, less shipping and handling.

            • We want to make sure you select the right glove!  If you are unhappy for any reason, return it to West Coast within 30 days.
            • Gloves/Gear that are in new condition (plastic can not be peeled from palms) can be returned for Full Money Back, less shipping.
            • If Gloves/Gear is Used (if plastic is peeled from palms of gloves) it can be returned for Store Credit within 30 days
            • Customer is responsible for shipping Gloves back to West Coast Goalkeeping. 
            • 30 Day Warranty does not apply to GRAB BAG items.
            • Offer Good only on Gloves purchased directly from 
            • West Coast must receive returned Products within 10 days of filing a return
            • Not available on Glove ID or Clothing ID Personalization.  
            • 30 Day Guarantee is non transferable.
            • Refunds will be processed within 72 hours of receipt of return.
            • Any Products past 30 Days of order are not eligible for return or exchange.  


            Size Guide

            • Goalkeeping Gloves should be worn slightly larger than hands
            • Fingers SHOULD NOT be touching the tip of the gloves
            • Removing Finger Protection will make a glove 1/2 size larger.
            • Reverse/Negative glove cuts are a snugger fit, so it's often best to go a size up if on the border.
            • If you have a larger frame/build, your palm may be larger, requiring a larger glove. Just email us, we are here to help!
            • is great for any questions


            • Option 1 : Measure the circumference of the widest part of the palm measure the circumference of the widest part of the palm including the thumb. Round up to the next highest inch. Then add 1" to the measurement to the determine your glove size.
            • Option 2 : Measure the length of the hand from tip of the middle finger to the base of the large thumb area where the keeper's thumb meets the wrist. Round up to the next highest inch. Then add 1" to the measurement to determine your glove size.
            • Example : 7.5" rounds up to 8", + 1" = 9", so a 7 3/4 around hand is a size 9 glove. Don't forget to add 1"!


            If you have questions please send us an email and we'll will walk you through any sizing questions! West Coast Goalkeeping offers exchanges of all gloves within the United States.

            Email Us:


              • FP- Removable FINGER+ THUMB Protection
              • INTERNAL GRIP- Internal Silicone Palm secures hand in place
              • PALM - BioHybrid (Roll/Flat/Expanse) 3 in 1 Palm Cut
              • LATEX- 4mm German Black Supreme + Latex
              • WRIST- XTEND Wrist ™ 
              • BACKHAND - Ultra Lightweight Flex Backhand
              • FIT - Incredibly Flexible and Lightweight

                Grip: Brand new 4mm German Black Supreme + Latex  Very Sticky (make sure to wash after 2-4 wearings as you can't see dirt on black palms).  Dampen Palms for best grip. Wetting the Supreme Latex will activate the chemicals in the Latex as well as decrease the wear on the glove.

                CUT:  BioHybrid with new XTEND WRIST ™ - built in Extended Palm into the wrist strap.   3-1 Cut with wider catching area and a pre-curve in order to keep you on top of your catch. 

                Wrist:Secure Hybrid Wrist, with Latex - Elastic Wrist Strap with Glove ID Box for Name Personalization.  XTEND Wrist ™ with built in Extended Palm Latex for increased control and grip.  Easy on and Easy off with the EXO-SKIN Design (this glove is an EXO-SKIN Hybrid combing both EXO & Traditional Gloves together. 

                Backhand:  Composite with Lightweight Material and Composite material for durability and flexibility. 

                Finger Protection:  This glove includes finger + thumb saves with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Finger Saves Provide excellent protection and flexes and forms to your hand for maximum protection against injury.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove! 

                Fit:HELIX Aloha is designed to be a Medium Fitting glove that will open up half a size if the finger saves are removed. 

                Remember to Dampen gloves for increased grip and make a fist when getting off ground decreased wear.  Washing Gloves after 1-3 gloves will decrease wear. 

                Customer Reviews

                Based on 5 reviews
                Thumb guard

                U16 GK Alex writes: I really like the West Coast gloves, the only reason I give it 4 stars is because of the thumb guard. I do not like it. It gives restriction on the thumb that I do not like.

                Hi Alex, the thumb save is easily removable - many keepers only wear 1-2 fingersaves on fingers that need it!
                High quality

                Love the fit and feel. The on off is great and the latex is very quality on the catch while being durable. Thanks West Coast Goalkeeping!

                Helix Neptune Gloves

                Great glove for the money.

                Would Be Approved by Maradona Himself

                For a little background, I have been following West Coast Goalkeeping since it's inception. I've owned a pair of the first gloves they put out and everything in between. I've fell in love with some, not so much with others (it should be noted that they promptly dealt with those 'others'). And now that I've played in 4-5 matches in this model I can confirm, IMHO, that these gloves are the best ones I've ever put on (we're talking from Nike Talons from Kasey Keller days). These are so good, that the king of punching balls in the box, Maradona, would approve!
                The materials are top notch, but everyone knows that's the same deal on every glove they sell. The rubber pads on the tops of the fingers are placed just right and offer a big enough surface to help with punching away corners or balls floated through a crowded box. It also helps that they're more flat than protruding out in some kind of pointed shape so that you can control where you want to punch to. They have a thumb finger spine insert which can't be talked about enough, especially in indoor where I felt like it was stubbing or bending my thumb back almost every week. There's a soft grip on the inside of the fingers that helps keep the gloves placed just where you want them to be on your finger tips. The wrist strap is substantial enough to really feel like it's protecting without hindering. The rest of the material is soft to the touch and adds a layer of comfort to the glove that's noticeable. All in all I couldn't be happier with the purchase and I would recommend this specific pair to anyone without hesitation.

                Very comfortable gloves

                I already played two games with these gloves. Out of all the gloves I've tried from west coast goalkeeping, the Helix Neptune is the most comfortable glove I've ever worn so far. Also they are very easy to put on and taken off. Doesn't feel tight at all. It just feels perfect. Give these gloves a try. You will not be disappointed.