HI-VIZ TRU-Flight Match Ball

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HI-VIZ TRU-Flight Match Ball

$49.00 USD $59.00 USD

The FLURO Hi-Viz TRU-Flight Match Ball features an all new Textured Tactile Coating. We have also upgraded the bladder to hold air better, so you don't have to pump it up as often. We focused on better balance so the ball will travel more true through the air.  

We Designed our TRU-Flight series by fusing the features we love in some of the highest quality balls and created our own Match Ball.  We think it's silly to pay $150+ for a ball, so we spent over 2 years developing our Official Ball to include Premium features, such as:

  • Brand New Textured Tactile Response Skin
  • Bonded Shell to reduce water absorption
  • Quad Lining for Maximum durability without using Foam Padding
  • 32 Panel Double Hand Stitched Construction

Exterior:  All-Weather Micro-Textured Tactile Response PU Skin for a better feel when striking and a better grip when catching the ball.

Material: Bonded and coated outer shell for reduced water absorption and improved in air characteristics.

Bladder: XLNS Latex Bladder provides a better touch on the ball and allows the TRU-Flight to travel without feeling like a Beach Ball when hit.  The High End XLNS Latex Bladder gives a better feel than BUTYL Bladder balls, but will need to be occasionally pumped to keep perfect pressure.

Durability: Synthetic Leather Composite dramatically increases durability: 20% polyester/10% cotton/20% rubber/50% synthetic leather.

Customer Reviews

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Great Ball

Got this for my son after his previous ball came apart at a seam. He says it’s great and they use it at his practice!


HI-VIZ TRU-Flight Match Ball

Hi-viz balls

Amazing! The flight is great! The feel is amazing!! Good to have quality balls!!


HI-VIZ TRU-Flight Match Ball

Fantastic Ball

The first time I aired this ball up, I knew it was special. The look, the feel, the color scheme, those are all great, but the touch on the indoor pitch was phenomenal. The clowns I've been playing against for the past year have been so used to those big box retailer smooth, soft balls, that when they got a chance to play with a real ball, they fell all over themselves. No, I'm serious, the grip on this ball was amazing, they were literally falling over when they tried to step on it. I laughed more that game.... anyway, getting off topic. This ball is great, the price point is great, and I'd recommend you there reading this now, to go get one for yourself and see.