West Coast Goalkeeping EXO-SKIN Scorpion Negative

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West Coast Goalkeeping

EXO-SKIN Scorpion Negative

$75.00 USD


  • INTERNAL GRIP- Internal Silicone Palm secures hand in place
  • LATEX - Ultra Durable Turf Approved German Pro Supreme Grip
  • PALM - Negative Cut (or reverse cut)
  • WRIST- Adjustable Single Elastic Wrist Strap
  • BACKHAND - Ultra Lightweight Flex-Dry Backhand
  • FIT - Incredibly Flexible and Lightweight, Medium to Larger Glove


GRIP: Brand new Pro German 4mm Ultra Supreme Latex.  Specially Built for keepers that play on different fields conditions - Turf and Grass.   Built for Dry Harsh conditions, and also made for light to medium wet conditions as well.  Dampen Palms for best grip possible, wetting the Ultra Supreme Latex will activate the chemicals in the Latex as well as decrease the wear on the glove.

CUT:  Negative Cut is designed to be a close fitting or precise cut.  This will allow for the keeper to have a better feel for the ball.  It will feel like the glove is a part of your hand and allow the keeper to focus on proper technique.   The EXO-SKIN Scorpion Negative also features Wrap Under Thumb, Wrap over tips and Semi Surround cut increase flexility and allow for more catching area, along with Scorpion Tail extended palm.

WRIST: Single Elastic Wrist Strap with Glove ID Box for Name Personalization.  New Scorpion Extended Palm, which gives the longest extended palm with maximum comfort on any West Coast Glove.  Easy on/Off Entry make putting on and taking off this glove simple and don't require any help!

BACKHAND: Poly Composite Lightweight Backhand allows for full range of flexibility.  A clear punch zone helps with clearance and provides additional protection from turf and elements.  

FINGER PROTECTION:  This glove includes removable finger and thumb protection with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Finger Saves Provide excellent protection and flexes and forms to your hand for maximum protection against injury.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove! 

WEATHER: Lightweight and breathable, built for any condition.  

FIT: The EXO-SKIN Scorpion is designed to be a Medium Fitting glove that will open up half a size if the finger saves are removed. 

Coaches Advice: Negative Cut Gloves are designed to be close fitting precise Gloves.  Due to their precise fit, Negative Cut Fingers will show signs of wear sooner than other palms.


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
My daughter loves them

This is my daughter's first pair of negative cut gloves. She absolutely loves them. This is her 3rd pair of gloves from West Coast, and she says now she only wants to buy from West Coast because of the quality of the gloves.

Problem solved...

The first pair of gloves had a small manufactures dedect and had to be returned...I was pleasantly surprised on how easy the process was. My son loves West Coast and I can see why.

Great gloves but

I had a great time with these gloves they fit nice and snug to my hand and worked great.


Very comfortable and it’s latex is like no other latex that I have used as it was very sticky once I washed them.

Tropic Thunder

My son loves WCGK gloves, and has especially enjoyed the Spyder X line for its snug fit and internal dynamic grip. We bought him a pair of the Scorpion negatives mostly for the graphics and colors (reminds him of Hawaii). When we first opened up the bag we were concerned that they looked like they would fit large and he would find them too loose. Not the case. He has all the control he wants as well as a little extra bulk to make his hands feel bigger on the outside for catching those hard shots.
Needless to say these are the newest version of his favourite WCGK gloves. Another great product......keep them coming!!!!