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Glove Personalization

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GK ID001

Now you can add your name, number, team name or anything you want to give your West Coast Gloves that extra Pro look and feel.  

Before you can add to your cart you must write what you would like on the glove ID.

  • Be very detailed/Each hand can be different- type it just like you want it to appear
  • Glove iD Must Contain no more than:  15 Letters per ROW and 25 Letters Total per hand + 2 numbers 
  • The more letters or words you add the smaller things will get!

Allow for 1-3 extra business days to process Glove Personalization

You must add Glove iD for every pair of gloves you want personalized in your cart

Gloves with Latex Straps and No ID Box have Glove iD applied directly to the wrist strap

IMPORTANT: Personalized Gloves & Gear cannot be returned or exchanged- so please make sure you are confident in your sizing before ordering this option!  

For Questions Email us:

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    Customer Reviews

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    Vyper Gloves and Personalization

    My 17 year old daughter has been exclusively using WCGK gloves for several years now and she really trusts them. She has tried several models, but prefers the Vyper Blackout (probably on like 4th or 5th pair by now). She says this model is very durable. The latex holds up well over multiple games. The worn gloves then transition into practice gloves, which hold up well during the abuse of GK training and team drills. We have added glove personalization on pretty much every pair of WCGK gloves. The letters only peeled off on one set of gloves, otherwise have looked great. We have recommended WCGK gloves to several other keepers and parents over the years. Amazing value.

    Fast Delivery! Outstanding Quality!

    Great product and fast delivery!....As Usual!!!

    first class service and quality selection of products available

    I am a first time customer …WGK was highly recommended and referred to me by a fellow keeper dad whose son is training with my son.
    First purchase. I bought for my son two gloves, padded compression uppers and lowers and a key chain to hang on his kit bag.
    We are very happy with the quality and workmanship of the gloves, my son loves the gloves ! and the padded compression gear is made very well, smart and practical. Engineered.
    My son loves and is very proud to wear his WGK gear at his games and when he trains. He takes pride in keeping them clean, taking care of them, following the care instructions they came with… so they last and perform.
    BTW, His game has improved and is catching more balls .
    I am excited for my son and I am looking forward to buying a couple of more gloves for him and some t-shirts to wear off the field.
    The service is amazing, so friendly and helpful... I added a last minute modification to my order / personalization on one of the set of gloves. Taken care of. Seems like this company runs like a small and personable type of company. The person that answered the phone took care of us like she was the owner.
    It took about three days to get the gloves after the order went through.
    West Coast Goalkeeping is a good find!

    Super fast Service

    Great gloves and arrived very quickly. As always thank you WCG for your fantastic service!


    My daughter loves these gloves and this is the only brand she wears.